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Audio Duration:

The Total Audio Duration is 81 minutes

Table Of Content


Chapter 1: The Causes Of Stress 

  • Why Are We So Stressed Out?
  • Blocking Behaviors Keep Your Stress Alive.

Chapter 2: Are You Suffering From Stress, Anxiety, Or Depression?

  • Stress VS Anxiety
  • Quiz 

Chapter 3: The Outcomes Of Excessive Stress & Anxiety

  • Panic Attack 
  • Dealing with Panic Attack 

Chapter 4: Techniques To Combat Stress & Anxiety

  • Calm Yourself With Visualization
  • Using Music To Beat Stress
  • Self-Hypnosis For Stress 

Chapter 5: Stress Management 

  • Stress Management Approaches
  • Stress Management Tips
  • Stress Management Techniques 

Chapter 6: How To React In Stressful Situation

What Will You Learn

  •   Avoiding Causes of Stress
  • Difference between Stress, Anxiety, and depression
  • Avoiding Panic Attack
  • How to Combat Stress & Anxiety
  • Stress Management
  • How to deal with Stressful Situations
  • How to Improve Emotional Health by Starting Top Healthy Living Stress-Free.

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This is an E-book and Audio Book It helps you to learn how to Live Stress-Free


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